The Young Ancestors follows a group of Native American teens, who under the guidance of a mentor, are learning their native language. In a broader context this is a story of the burgeoning movement led by Native Americans to revitalize their language and culture. This is a film about courage and hope; the triumph of honor and respect. This is a story that needs to be shared and supported to ensure that the era of globalization does not become synonymous with the tyranny of English language and American culture, of endless strip malls and BP spills.

Without a multiplicity of languages and cultures, we risk living in a country and in a world in which everything has become homogenized, and white washed, a place in which uniqueness and diversity have ceased to exist. Join us in championing the outstanding efforts of these young ancestors who are creating their future by sustaining their past, one word at a time.

The Young Ancestors is available for educational usage through Cinema Guild.



“Beautiful and powerful.

It made me cry.”

“Beautiful work and concept.”

“Please don’t give up on this, as the languages are dying fast.”


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The Young Ancestors

Camino Vérité Films