The Indigenous Language Institute (ILI), with a grant from the Department of Health and Education, implemented the Self Study Course, in partnership with Pueblo of Pojoaque and Santa Fe Preparatory School.

The Young Ancestors

Camino Vérité Films

A portion of "The Young Ancestors" has been filmed at the School for Advanced Research (SAR). Established in 1907 as a center for the study of the archeology and ethnology of the American Southwest, SAR also facilitates the work of Native American Scholars and artists.

Mato Nanji's provides the heartbeat of the band, Indigenous, from South Dakota's Nakota Nation. Mato will partner with to release a collection of video clips from Indigenous' latest Vanguard Records release.

School for Advanced Research (SAR)


Pojoaque Pueblo is one of the six Northern Tewa speaking Rio Grande Pueblos.  Archeological studies of the area have dated inhabitation of the historic Pojoaque Pueblo area as early as 500 AD with a large prehistoric population in the late fifteenth and early sixteenth centuries.  Pojoaque has always maintained a strong cultural identity and was known by its Tewa speaking neighbors as “Po-suwae-geh” the water drinking or gathering place.

Santa Fe Prep is an ambitious and diverse learning community dedicated to active discourse. The school values its place in the community of Santa Fe, which enriches and defines it.  Santa Fe Prep cultivates qualities of character, scholarship, and citizenship in its students that inspire them to act responsibly and compassionately at home, at school, and in the world.

Puye Cliffs was home to 1,500 Pueblo Indians who lived, farmed and hunted game there from the 900s to 1580 A.D. Puye Cliffs' inhabitants then moved into the Rio Grande River valley. They became the ancestors of today's Santa Clara people, who now live at Santa Clara Pueblo, 10 miles east of Puye.

The 2011 International Film Festival Issni N Ourgh honoring American Indian cinema and boosting Amazigh film to be an independent industry

Miromaa is an  Aboriginal not for profit organisation working in the field of Indigenous Language Maintenance, helping to reclaim the Awabakal language. Miromaa has developed specific computer software to aid in this activity. The software is called Miromaa. In the Awabakal language Miromaa means "saved".

Miromaa Aboriginal Language and Technology Center

Native America Calling is a live call-in program linking public radio stations, the Internet and listeners together in a thought-provoking national conversation about issues specific to Native communities. Each program engages noted guests and experts with callers throughout the United States and is designed to improve the quality of life for Native Americans. Native America Calling is heard on 52 stations in the United States and in Canada by approximately 500,000 listeners each week.

Native America Calling

Since his childhood, Michael Bucher has been taught the ways of his ancestors. Asked by his late Uncle to “do something with his talent,” Bucher has made it his life’s purpose to sing about the issues that are close to his heart. Namely, to teach the world about the importance of Native sacred sites, Cherokee legends,living together peaceably and reaching out to the youth of today in order to inspire them to do great things. Michael not only sings songs appreciated by his audiences but he also brings his Native culture to the performance by telling stories related to his music. Since the debut of Bucher’s first independent album, “Seven” in 2007, Bucher has continued to rack up a slew of awards every year since to include three time Back to Back Native American Music Awards.

The YANAN website, a non-profit initiative founded by Michael Bucher,  Stephen “Black Bear” LaBoueff and Patrick Doyle, is geared toward providing Native youth that may be suffering with depression, feeling alone or simply wanting to connect with other Native youth - access to suicide prevention programs, mentorship, guidance and an arena of Native based social interactions.  YANAN provides a place of refuge to help those that might be considering taking their lives.

Ashkia Trujillo, a member of the Serpent Trail Dancers will be providing music for the film, The Young Ancestors.  The Serpent Trail Dancers are Tewa traditional group of youth dancers.